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A Cozy New Rug Collection

Hello friends! Praise be, the election is over and I just marked my birthday over the weekend – my official holiday season milestone. Whenever the calendar passes November 8, I feel like I can finally turn 100% of my attention to all things holiday. Obviously, the holidays are going to look and feel very different than years past. Perhaps instead of the holiday season, we should start referring to the next few months as the hunker down season. Because that’s what holidays in the time of Covid are going to require of us. But I’m not entirely mad about the idea of holing up at home. I’ll take a very valid excuse to look for ways to make my home as cozy, comforting, and beautiful as possible.

Enter the new rug collection from Beni Rugs, designed by my style soul twin, Colin King.

A Cozy New Rug Collection on Apartment 34A Cozy New Rug Collection on Apartment 34

Called the Shape of Color, this new rug collection offers eleven Moroccan style rugs. Each rug features shocks of color inspired by Tangier and Marrakech. The hues are deeply saturated in simple geometric shapes or big bold stripes.

A Cozy New Rug Collection on Apartment 34A Cozy New Rug Collection on Apartment 34

While I typically eschew color, rugs are a wonderful spot to inject something fresh into a room. I used a bold colored rug in my own living room. The particularly nice thing about a rug – it’s an easy way to reenergize a space without really having to change anything else.

A Cozy New Rug Collection on Apartment 34A Cozy New Rug Collection on Apartment 34 A Cozy New Rug Collection on Apartment 34 A Cozy New Rug Collection on Apartment 34

There are a few secrets to picking out a rug. First, you want to think about size. A common mistake is getting a rug that is too small. You want all (or nearly all) your furniture in a space to sit on your rug. That helps a room feel anchored and like everything is working together. A too-small rug will actually make a small space feel even smaller!

Next, you want to think about foot traffic. If you’re looking to put a rug in a high foot traffic area, you’ll want to ensure any rug you select will withstand an onslaught of dirt and use.

Finally, when adding a colorful rug to your space you don’t need to “match your decor. You just want to keep everything in the same design family. Do you decorate with mostly warm colors or cooler tones? That will help you pick your colors.


If you’re looking to upgrade the coziness of your home before the holidays hit, I definitely think one of these rugs would be a great way to do it. I’m already debating which one I might add to our house. I do have a home office refresh in the works! If I pick out one of these rugs – I’ll be sure to share.

How are you planning on sprucing up your spaces for the holidays?

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How Much Furniture Do I Actually Need | ApartmentSearch

People holding moving boxes

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Renting your first apartment comes with several other firsts in tow, like finding roommates, managing your bills, and figuring out just how much furniture you need to fill your space. With this guide, you’ll learn what furniture is a must when moving into your new apartment and what pieces you can pause on purchasing.

What to consider when renting for the first time

Becoming a first-time renter is an exciting chapter, but without previous experience, you may find yourself wondering, “How much furniture do I need?” By thinking through a few details about your living arrangements, you can get some much-needed clarity in your decision-making going forward.

The size of your space

The first thing to consider is the size of the apartment you’ll be calling home. Will you be living in a cozy studio or a spacious two-bedroom? Knowing the number of common areas and how many bedrooms and bathrooms there are to decorate is essential for planning furniture purchases.

Similarly, knowing each room’s dimensions can also be incredibly helpful; you don’t want to find a couch you love, only to realize it’s too big to fit in your living room. If you’re not able to visit the apartment and measure yourself, consult with your landlord or the online listing.

Whether you’ll have roommates

The number of rooms in your apartment likely hinges on whether you’ll have roommates or be living by yourself. There are definitely benefits and challenges to both situations, so you’ll need to weigh the options a bit before signing a lease.

If you live with other people, you’ll want to have a group discussion about who’s bringing what. There’s a chance your roommate has furniture for the common areas that can save you from buying a few things later on.

What you already own

It’s also smart to take an inventory of what you already own. Do you have a desk you used for school that could now be used in your home office? Or maybe your parents have a few pieces they’re ready to let go of that you could repurpose?

Taking stock of what you own or what is available to you is a valuable step in determining how much furniture you still need.

Your available budget

Although calculating a budget is a lot less fun than shopping for furniture, it’s still a necessary part of the process. You’ll need to factor in your monthly rent, utilities, groceries, gas, and other ongoing expenses to figure out how much you’ll have left to spend on furniture.

Your available funds will be a good indication of whether you can buy new furniture, rent fun pieces, or explore secondhand options for your space. The good news is, decorating a house on a budget is easy when you snag high-quality, gently-used items from CORT Furniture Outlet!

The essential items for each room in your home

Now that you’ve thought through a few variables that’ll influence your furniture choices, it’s time to dig into the essentials with this home furnishing checklist. While some things may not pertain to you (if you don’t have a designated office, for example), it’ll still help you separate what’s a priority from what’s less practical.

Living room:

  • sofa or loveseat
  • side/accent chair
  • coffee table
  • TV stand/console
  • end table(s)


  • small table and chairs (if no dining room)
  • cart or shelving unit

Dining room:

  • dining table
  • set of chairs (typically four)
  • bar cart or sideboard


  • mattress
  • bed frame/headboard
  • nightstand
  • dresser or chest of drawers


  • desk
  • desk chair
  • bookcase or shelving unit


  • medicine cabinet or shelving unit
  • wastebasket
  • hamper

Non-essential decor:

  • lamps
  • rugs
  • artwork
  • mirrors
  • pillows/throws
  • plants

Getting the essentials on a budget

When it comes to calculating how much furniture is needed in a room or apartment, remember to look at the size and layout, what your roommates can contribute, what you already own, and what your budget will allow.

And if you still haven’t found the perfect apartment, browse furnished and unfurnished units on ApartmentSearch — you’ll find a wide variety of places for rent and could even qualify for a cash reward!



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Can’t-Miss May Events in DC | Apartminty

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Rounding up our list of favorite events in May is tough – there are too many good ones to choose from! From Cinco de Mayo celebrations to getting physical outside, May is jam-packed with events. There is a good mix of free events throughout the month, which we love, of course. While there are several events at some of DC’s greatest venues, we are excited to get outside and enjoy all of the outdoor happenings. May always sets the bar high for summer, because it is always a fun-filled month. This year is no different, and we are already loving it. These can’t-miss events in DC this May are our favorites to attend, but trust us when we say, there are plenty more to choose from. 

Passport DC

Passport DC is a month-long celebration of the cultural traditions and diversity in DC. The month of May is cultural awareness month, and what better way to celebrate than by exploring DC’s various embassies, traditions, cuisine, and entertainment. Passport DC’s main event is the Around the World Embassy Tour. The Around the World Embassy Tour takes place on Saturday, May 4th, and participants can explore and enjoy the food, art, dance, fashion, and more at the various Embassies throughout the city. Other events that occur throughout the month as a part of Passport DC include Flower Mart, the European Union Open House, and Fiesta Asia.

When: May 1st – 31st, 2019
Where: Various Embassies throughout DC
Cost: Free


Running of the Chihuahuas

I don’t know about you, but there is no way I’d rather celebrate Cinco de Mayo than by watching the Running of the Chihuahuas. The Wharf puts on quite the show to celebrate these little pups, and we are all for it. Cold beers, a costume contest, live music, and delicious food are all a part of the festivities. Interested in having your pup race? It is $30 per dog and is exclusively for half or full mixed Chihuahuas. No dog? No worries! It is just as enjoyable wandering around The Wharf, enjoying the sites, food, and cold drinks while live music fills the area. 

When: Saturday, May 4th, 2019 | 1:00 – 5:00 PM
Where: The Wharf
Cost: Free


Queens of Egypt: The Mother of All Parties

Travel back in time and see what the women of Egypt were all about, you will quickly realize they were queens. BYT and National Geographic are putting on an epic party to celebrate the Queens of Egypt exhibit, and you don’t want to miss it. An open bar, DJ set, and lightning talks from woman explorers and scientists will make for a fun and interesting evening. Explore the exhibit, enjoy a live drum performance, and get the perfect royal cat-eye makeup at the event’s hair & makeup station. Tickets are just $55 and include access into the party as well as access to the open bar. Put on your perfect Egyptian Queen outfit and get ready for a night to remember. 

When: Friday, May 10th, 2019 | 8:30 PM – 12:30 AM
Where: National Geographic Museum | 1600 M St. NW
Cost: Tickets Begin at $55


U Street’s Funk Parade

 Its time to get funky – the U Street Funk Parade is back! This day-long fair and street festival is one of our favorite Spring celebrations here in DC. U Street comes alive with music, art, entertainment, and much more. Countless performers make wandering the street even more enjoyable than it already is. The festival takes place from 1:00 – 7:00 PM, but it doesn’t end there. The parade is from 5:00 – 6:00 PM and the celebrations end with a nighttime music fest from 7:00 PM – 12:00 AM, with a featured showcase at 8:00 PM. That is a lot of entertainment for one day, but we promise you it is worth seeing. The Funk Parade is a chance for us to come together and celebrate DC’s music and art scene. 

When: Saturday, May 11th, 2019 | 1:00 – 7:00 PM
Where: U Street NW
Cost: Free


DC Bike Ride

On May 18th, enjoy a beautiful May morning with a recreational bike ride through the Nation’s Capital. The DC Bike Ride is a family-friendly bike ride for all ages and all abilities. The 20-mile ride takes you past several landmarks as well as the National Mall. No race is complete without a Finish Festival, and the DC Bike Ride will have a good one! Live music, food, drinks, and fun activities will be the perfect end to a relaxing ride. Grab some friends and family, gear up, and get ready to ride through the most beautiful city. 

When: Saturday, May 18th, 2019 | 8:00 AM
Where: West Potomac Park | 100 West Basin Drive SW
Cost: Registration begins at $32.50


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